Primary: Chest, Abs (pectoralis, transversus)
Secondary: Arms, Shoulders (triceps, deltoideus)

The exercise Fly trains intensively the entire chest muscles. The feet have an important role to play regarding the core training and can be set wider if necessary.

Variosling-PT-lap-Fly-einarmig-12-web Training Bauchübung

Starting Position
Lay down on the back. One arm engages the Rotate and is laterally stretched away from the body towards the anchor point. The angle between the arm and torso should be 90 °. The other arm is placed at the bottom on the side of the body.
The PT kneels at the head of the trainee and holds the rope under tension.

Pull up the arm in front of the chest. The upper body remains calm lying on the ground.
The PT controls the easing of the movement. Afterwards the PT pulls the trainee‘s arm back into the initial position.

When the arm is stretched in the initial position it should be in line with the rope of the Rotate and the anchor point.