Primary: Chest, Shoulders, Arms (pectoralis, deltoideus, triceps brachii)
Secondary: Abs (abdomini)

The Chest-Press exercise intensively works out the chest and arm muscles. The core muscles must be extremely stabilized as well.

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Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position
Stand sideways to the suspension in an easy step position with the outer leg slightly forward. The hand facing the Rotate is holding the handle at chest height.
The PT stands at the resting side with his chest facing the suspension point.

Stretch the arm at the elbow and hold the hand in front of the chest. Hand and elbow remain at chest level.
The PT is giving way by stretching his arm. After performing the exercise the PT pulls back the arm of the trainee into starting position.

The shoulder joint of the trainee should remain stable. The upper body should not move.