Primary: Legs (adductores, ischiocrurale)
Secondary: Abs (abdomini)

The Adduction pulls the leg towards the body with the help of the inner thigh muscles. Due to performing this exercise on one leg only, a keen body balance is beneficial.

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Sling Training Rückenübung

Starting Position

One leg is in the loop with the strap wrapped around the ankle. The leg is slightly spread away outward the body, the toes are drawn upward.
The PT is standing behind the trainee with legs about shoulder-width apart, holding the Rotate under tension.


The spread leg is pulled back next to the supporting leg against the resistance of the PT.
The PT controls the upright posture and stabilizes the trainee, if appropriate. The PT uses his handle of the Rotate to pull the leg back into spread position. The trainee always holds tension in the exercising leg.

The trainee may find it to hard to keep the balance. In this case the PT can support at shoulder or back. Keep the hip stretched.