Primary: Shoulders, Back, Arms (rhomboideus, latissimus, biceps brachii)
Secondary: Shoulders (deltoideus)

This exercise mainly trains the upper back, which determines the contour of the back significantly. The body must be strongly stabilized in the core area.

Variosling-PT-High-Row-totale-1-web Variosling-PT-High-Row-totale-2-web
Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position
Stand in step position facing the anchor point.
The exercising arm is extended to the front at shoulder height. The palm is facing down.
The PT stands with legs slightly bend on the other side, holding the rope of the Rotate tense.

The arm holding the Rotate is bent at the elbow, while the elbow is at shoulder height. Abdominal and back muscles are constantly under tension.
The PT is releasing the tension carefully. Then he pulls back the trainee to the starting position.

The suspension height can be varied to train different target muscles.