Primary: Arms, Back, Shoulders  (biceps brachii, erector spinae, latissimus)
Secondary: Abs, Shoulders (abdomini, deltoideus)

Performing the exercise Low-Row a great amount of force can be used. The exercise requires a good body tension to prevent rotation of the upper body.

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Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position

Stand frontally to the anchor point. The feet are in a slight step position with the inner leg forward and the legs are slightly bent at the knee. The exercising arm is outside and shows to the front in extension of the rope. The back is always straight.  
The PT is on the side of the non-exercising arm and holds the rope of the Rotate under tension.


The arm is bent at the elbow and pulled back. The elbow is guided past close to the body.
Subsequently, the PT pulls the trainee back to the starting position by shifting his body weight away from the pulley.


The PT should work on this exercise with a stretched arm and his body weight as the resistance of the trainee can be very high.