Primary: Chest, Shoulders (pectoralis, latissimus, deltoideus)
Secondary:  Abs (abdomini)

The exercise Pullover trains intensively the chest muscles and in addition the wide back muscles (latissimus dorsi)

Variosling-PT-Pullover-einarmig-1-web Variosling-PT-Pullover-einarmig-2-web
Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position
Stand with the back to the point of suspension. The feet are in a slight step position, the outer leg is in front. The working arm is stretched in extension of the upper body. The other arm stabilizes at the hip.
The PT is so far from the anchor point that the handle of the trainee is very close to the pulley. He holds the straps of the Rotate under tension.

Pull the handle of the Rotate downward with stretched arm. The upper body remains upright and the back is straight
The PT is giving in the pull by stretching his arm. He initiates the backward movement by flexing the arm again.

The further the arm is pulled down, the higher the proportion of the latissimus dorsi in this exercise.