Primary: Arms (biceps brachii, brachioradialis)
Secondary: Chest, Back (pectoralis major, erector spinae)

This exercise is very focused on the biceps and requires a well-developed body tension.
The elbows should be positioned at shoulder level.

Variosling-Rotate-Bizeps-zum-Kopf-01-cfr-web Variosling-Rotate-Bizeps-zur-Brust-02-cfr-web
Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position

The body is leaning back and the back is
straight. The arms are in an inclined suspension,
while the palms facing inwards. The body
weight is placed on the heels.

Final Position

One arm is stretched while the other arm is
bent at the elbow and pulled towards the chest.
The back is straight. The palms are pointing inwards

Movement 1.

One arm is bent at the elbow and pulled inwards onto the chest. The other arm remains
stretched. By the diff raction the upper body is erect.

Movement 2.

By slowly stretching the elbows joint, the body is brought back to the starting position.

Perform the exercise dynamically, but still controlled. Avoid a jerky stretching in the elbow