Primary: Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Abs, Legs (pectoral, deltoid, triceps brachii, abdominis, iliopsoas)
Secondary: Legs, Calves (quadriceps, gastrocnemius)

This classic exercise for chest and arms requires tension throughout the body. In addition,
the abdominal and leg muscles are used. A good core stability is vital.

Variosling-Rotate-Chest-Press-ein-Arm-Fly-01-cfr-web Variosling-Rotate-Chest-Press-ein-Arm-gestreckt-02-cfr-web
Sling Training Beinübung

Starting position

The upper body is inclined slightly forwards.
The feet are hip width apart and placed side by
side, wherein the arms are stretched forwards and
downwards. The palms are facing downwards.

Final Position

An elbow is bent approximately 90° and the hand
is 25–40 cm to the side of the body. The other
arm is fully extended forwards and downwards.
The body is under tension.

Movement 1.

The arm is bent at the elbow and the hand is guided next to the body, so that the upper body
inclines forwards and downwards.

Movement 2.

Through the extension of the fl exed arm, the upper body is raised again.

Bend the arm slowly and make sure that the shoulder will remain stable. Hold the body
tension throughout the exercise upright and place the focus on a suffi cient tension in the
upper body. Concentrate on maintaining the balance.