Primary: Arms, Shoulders (biceps brachii, deltoid, infra-/supraspinatus)
Secondary: Back (erector spinae)

This exercise trains both the back muscles and the rotator cuff in an intensive way. The tension in the upper body must be maintained throughout the exercise.

Variosling-Rotate-Reverse-Fly-01-cfr-web Variosling-Rotate-Reverse-Fly-03-cfr-web
Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position

The body leans considerably to the rear. The
feet are positioned in a slight step position. The
back is straight and your arms are straight. The
palms face each other. The weight is on the heel
of the supporting leg.

Final Position

The upper body is erect. One arm is stretched.
The other is 90° stretched to the side and at
shoulder height.

Movement 1.

An arm is guided to the side, while the other arm remains fully extended. The arm is guided to
the side at shoulder level and remains at the elbow as straight as possible. The body is lifted
this easy.

Movement 2.

The arm is guided to the side and is slowly moved towards the exit position. The elbow joint
remains fully extended.

Try in the fi nal position to let the shoulder blades as close as possible approach each other,
in order to claim the upper back muscles optimally. Exercises with the rotator cuff should
be controlled and performed slowly.