Primary: Back, Arms, Shoulders (latissimus, erector spinae, deltoid, biceps brachii)
Secondary: Legs, Glutes (hamstrings, gastrocnemius, gluteus maximus)

This exercise trains the back muscles in a dynamic manner. The angle of inclination of the body is crucial for the training load.

Variosling-Rotate-Low-Row-01-cfr-web Variosling-Rotate-Low-Row-02-cfr-web
Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position

The body is in an inclined position. The hands
grip the VarioSling in front of the body.
The arms are fully extended at the elbows.
The palms facing each other.

Final Position

One arm is stretched. The other arm is bent at
the elbow and pulled back. The upper body
remains in a leaning back position.

Movement 1.

One arm is slowly bent at the elbow. The other arm ensures a slight decline in the pull for a
controlled movement. The whole body is stretched here.

Movement 2.

By pulling the handle, the upper body moves slightly upward. The elbow joint passes by close
to the body.

Choose a solid surface for your feet. Avoid sudden movements, to avoid losing the balance.
Feet, hips and torso form a line during the entire exercise. Increase the pace when you‘re
feeling more secure.