Primary: Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Abs, Legs (pectoral, deltoid, triceps brachii, abdominis, iliopsoas)
Secondary: Legs, Calves (quadriceps, gastrocnemius)

The Crawl Stroke is a dynamic exercise for the biceps and triceps and requires an immense high body tension and a very good sense of balance. This exercise should be performed slowly at fi rst, until a certain level of security of motion is present.

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Sling Training Bauchübung

Starting Position

The upper body is leaning slightly forward.
The arms are almost straight and
the palms facing down. The body weight
is shifted to the balls of the feet.

Middle Position

One arm is slightly more than 90° fl exed
at the elbow, while the other arm is fully
extended. The upper body remains under
tension and upright.

Final Position
The previously bent arm goes into the
stretching now, while the other arm is
fl exed. The upper body is under tension
and straight. The weight remains on the
balls of the feet.

Movement 1.

One arm is bent at the elbow and the strong shoulder is guided to the rear. While the other
arm is almost completely stretched out.

Movement 2.

Thereafter, the diff racted arm is guided back to the front, while the other arm runs through
a simultaneous diff raction to perform a counter-movement until the elbow is nearly fully
fl exed.

Make sure that only your upper body rotates, in order not to lose the balance. Perform this
exercise slowly at fi rst and controlled out. Keep your body always under tension.